Preventive Dentistry Wayne NJ

Preventive dental care focuses on maintaining healthy teeth and gums through good oral hygiene. Preventive dentistry aims to prevent oral health problems and help you retain your teeth for a lifetime. Preventive dental care is a collaboration between you and your dentist.

Dental Cleanings & Checkups

Although brushing and flossing at home are crucial to good oral health, they are not enough. You must also see your dentist regularly for professional dental cleanings and checkups. Our dentists can check for early signs of tooth decay, gum disease, and oral cancer before symptoms are apparent to you, and our dental hygienists use specialized tools to remove plaque and stains from your teeth that can’t be removed by brushing and flossing.

Children’s Dentistry

Your children’s baby teeth are placeholders for their permanent teeth. They are also instrumental in helping them eat a balanced, healthy diet as they grow. They must learn how to care for their teeth properly at a young age. We suggest a first trip to the dentist after their first tooth erupts or by age one so we can chart the progress of their oral development and spot early signs of tooth decay. Learn more about Children’s Dentistry.

Dental Sealants

We may recommend dental sealants for you or your child to protect the biting and chewing surfaces of any teeth prone to cavities. The brush-on sealant protects the deep crevices in the teeth with a barrier that keeps out food debris, acids, and plaque. Dental sealants last for years, providing additional protection against tooth decay.

Tooth Extractions

Tooth extraction may be the only alternative when a tooth is damaged or decayed beyond repair. Removing a tooth is sometimes the only way to prevent damage or disease from spreading to adjacent teeth, the jawbone, or soft tissues.

Gum Disease Treatment

Adults lose more teeth to gum disease than cavities. Preventive dentistry encompasses preventive gum care, including periodontal maintenance to minimize the formation of biofilm and plaque on the teeth that leads to gingivitis and periodontitis. Once you’ve developed gum disease, routine periodontal maintenance is needed to prevent its return.

Preventative dentistry is an investment in good oral health that yields significant returns throughout your life. By caring for your teeth and gums daily and seeing a dentist regularly for professional cleaning and checkups, minor problems can be diagnosed and treated before they lead to major health issues.

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